The Butterfly effect

Sometimes it feels as though the walls are closing in
Shrouded in doubt, no way out
And there’s no way of knowing of this cell you’re placed within
You scream and shout, no ones about

Your limbs they all feel twisted and entangled in your tomb
So tight your chest, you cannot rest
Your body feeling mangled as you lay in your cocoon
Can’t catch a breath, this must be death

You feel there is no hope for you for all you see is black
When without sight, there is no light
No wonder you’re defenceless when the whole world does attack
To weak to fight, this isn’t right

A tiny dot of light appears upon the farthest wall
You barley see, what can it be?
Little known to you will soon be big enough to crawl
It holds the key, to set you free

Over time the dot expands and light comes pouring in
Something rare, the open air
As you gaze round your surrounding things are not looking so dim
You simply stare, what is out there?

You creep out of the darkness overwhelmed by such a sight
Your saving grace, a whole new place
Your wings are now unfolding to allow you to take flight
With quickening pace, your heart does race

Taking off you’re leaving all your problems way behind
And breathe a sigh, with open eyes
You see the bigger picture and are amazed at what you find
For now you fly, a butterfly

© Martin James Powell 2008


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