Special Guest at the O2 Islington - Blastbeat with O2 Think Big National Finals 

After uploading his work onto YouTube, Martin's poem, ‘Global Warning’,was chosen to open the CNN + Youtube Debate on Climate Change, which was broadcast from the United Nations Climate Change Summit in December 2009 and was viewed by over 200 million people.
He has since been billed alongside long established poets such as Benjamin Zephaniah and Sir Andrew Motion and has received endorsements from high-profile leaders in the fields of ecology and peace.


  Tim Smit 
"It is rare that you come across someone with a voice all their own, a panache in delivery and a wit bubbling with delight at what life has to offer and a controlled anger at those whose currency is cynicism for their thousand acts of betrayal. I wouldn't have believed it but I have seen with my own eyes a poet that has brought 350 people to a roaring crescendo of applause and a standing ovation. Ladies and gentlemen, I commend to you Mr Martin Powell, catch him before he becomes really famous and you in later years tell your grandchildren and they'll know you were 
really cool."

Tim Smit, Founder and CEO, the Eden Project 

Satish Kumar 

 "Martin Powell is a rising star. He is a socially engaged poet who challenges us profoundly and blows away all our cobwebs. His words are exhilarating and his performance dynamic. If you ever have the chance to hear him recite his poetry, you will be awakened and surprised."

Satish Kumar, Editor in Chief, Resurgence Magazine