Missing Peace collaboration with THTC clothing: Poets, Rappers, journalists and Beat-boxers come out in support of a free Palestine

☮n the street

"Back to Iraq" National Demonstration: Stop the Bombing of Iraq / Don't Attack Syria 04/10/14

Post by Climate Revolution.
"Frack Off", Recorded on World Poetry Day 2014 for Climate Revolution
Directed by Ben Westwood. 

"We Know". National Demonstration: No Attack on Syria: National Demonstration at Trafalgar Square. 31/08/13

"We Know". National Demonstration: No Attack on Syria: Close up. 2013.

"The Missing Peace", National Demonstration: End Israel's War on Gaza 24/11/12

"The Root of All Evil". "Budget Day Protests" 2012

"The Root of all Evil" at THTC Clothing Activist / Beatbox Freestyle. Occupy London 2012

"Speak Out NOW" - Control Arms Coalition, NYC
Launching Speak Out: Control Arms Now! 2011

"The Missing Peace" 1st public performance at Free Palestine Protest 14/05/2010