Missing Peace collaboration with THTC clothing: Poets, Rappers, journalists and Beat-boxers come out in support of a free Palestine

☮n the stage

Write for Rights: Amnesty International 

Young Human Rights Reporter of the Year Awards 

Recipe for Disaster: The Gaia Foundation 

International Trade or Corporate Raid? The Truth behind the TTIP

Alborosie at Brixton Electric 

Alborosie's band take to the stage at Brixton Electric in Missing Peace t-shirts!


Messing around with Bellatrix 

Recording "Making a Killing" with Bellatrix - World Female Beatbox Champion

Resurgence & Ecologist 

Festival of Wellbeing, Oct 2013
"Recipe for Disaster"

Resurgence 45th Anniversary - Merger with The Ecologist 

Resurgence officially merges with The Ecologist, Festival of Wellbeing

 "Global Warning", "The Root of All Evil", "The Power of Young People".