Missing Peace collaboration with THTC clothing: Poets, Rappers, journalists and Beat-boxers come out in support of a free Palestine

Missing Peace collaboration with THTC - Poets, Rappers, Soldiers and Beat boxers come out to raise awareness for #Palestine

THTC are far more than just a clothing company - they are also committed activists who raise awareness on a number of issues, from tourettes to human trafficking, youth depression to medical cannabis, police brutality and corrupt governments.

Missing Peace t-shirts are sold throughout the UK and Europe, made from recycled plastic bottles, hemp and 100% carbon neutral organic cotton.  Martin does not profit from the sales of Missing Peace clothing, which he created to draw attention to the ongoing construction of the "west bank barrier" in occupied Palestine.

Mobo award-winning Alborosie's band on stage at Brixton Electric in "Missing Peace" t-shirts

Pictured: Shlomo, FlipTrix, Joe Glenton, Oliver Heath, Rupert Oldridge &  Benjamin Zephaniah 

Legendary UK Poet & Author, Prof. Benjamin Zephaniah 

Joe Glenton, the first British soldier to refuse to fight in Afghanistan on moral grounds. Anti-war activist and author of award-winning "Soldier Box". 

Oliver Heath, sustainable architectural and interior designer, 
TV presenter & writer. 

Fliptrix, Rapper & Founder of High Focus Records 

Rupert "Bass6" Oldridge, Beatboxer, Compare
Events Organiser at UK Beatbox Championships

Footage: "The Missing Peace" at National Demonstration: End the Siege on Gaza. On 24/11/12 over 14,000 people turned out in the pouring rain to demand an end to the bombing of Gaza and to march peacefully in support of a #FreePalestine.