Missing Peace collaboration with THTC clothing: Poets, Rappers, journalists and Beat-boxers come out in support of a free Palestine


Martin Powell is a performance Poet who raises awareness on a number of political, social and ecological issues. 
His poems, “Global Warning” and “Affirmations” were both recently published in the Green Art section of Editions Hatier’s latest textbook, Meeting Point 2. The textbooks will be available to over 40,000 students in France who will study Martin’s poetry and compose their own works with “5 personal resolutions to save the world" as part of their Earth Day celebrations.  

Martin is currently in residence with the Stop the War Coalition in London, several of Martin’s anti-war poems and quotes taken from his speeches at national demonstrations are featured as a free educational resource on The Guardian Teacher Network. A number of his anti-war poems are published on Stop the War's website. 
 “Missing Peace” t-shirts based on Martin's poem "The Missing Peace" are currently produced by THTC, the UK’s Most Ethical Menswear brand according to Ethical Consumer. They are sold throughout the UK and Europe made from recycled plastic bottles, hemp and carbon neutral organic cotton. 

Martin has been performing poetry in public since he asked the world leaders a question on CNN in 2009. Martin’s question, an extract from his poem “Global Warning” was used to open the CNN YouTube Debate on Climate Change and heard by over 200 million households.

Martin's work has earned him praise from several high profile leaders in the fields of ecology, activism and peace including Tony Benn, Sir Tim Smit and Vivienne Westwood. 

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"No Glory" - Poem for the No Glory in War Campaign, which aims to ensure the WW1 centenary is used to promote peace and international cooperation. 

 "Fracking brilliant"

- Vivienne Westwood 

"Thanks Martin, you said it for all of us"

- Dr Katherine Hudson, General Secretary CND UK

 "Wonderful. In unity"

-Tony Benn 

"It is rare that you come across someone with a voice all their own, a panache in delivery and a wit bubbling with delight at what life has to offer and a controlled anger at those whose currency is cynicism for their thousand acts of betrayal. I wouldn't have believed it but I have seen with my own eyes a poet that has brought 350 people to a roaring crescendo of applause and a standing ovation. Ladies and gentlemen, I commend to you Mr Martin Powell, catch him before he becomes really famous and you in later years tell your grandchildren and they'll know you were really cool"

- Sir Tim Smit, CEO and co-founder, the Eden Project

"Martin Powell is a rising star. He is a socially engaged poet who challenges us profoundly and blows away all our cobwebs. His words are exhilarating and his performance dynamic. If you have the chance to hear him recite his poetry, you will be awakened and surprised"

- Satish Kumar, Chief Editor, Resurgence & Ecologist

"Listen to Martin's poetry and you will be deeply moved - his words tease deep and powerful ribbons - they swirl around you - a dance of word and vision that stay long after they have gone"

- Polly Higgins, legal expert on proposed law of "Ecocide". Author of award-winning "Eradicating Ecocide" and "Earth is Our Business"

"Martin's Monsanto poem holds devastating power. I heard the first public reading at the Resurgence Festival of well-being in London. It brought truth with clarity, not least with a kind of conviction and passion that is all too rare" 

- Tony Juniper, former Executive Director of Friends of the Earth

"The simplicity of 'Affirmations' has the power to move mountains"

Emily Drabble, The Guardian Teacher Network