Heroin my heroine

I close my eyes and my soul flies across the astral plain
I’m dancing with my dragons now and I forget my pain
I have my fix, these drugs I mix will always set me free
For heroin’s my heroine, she does what’s right by me

She takes away the hurt inside and sweeps me off my feet
She wipes away the tears I’ve cried upon these city streets
When darkness in my life resides and I can’t find the day
She is the light that stands beside to guide me on my way

I close my eyes and my soul flies so far beyond the stars
I’m dancing with my demons now as I add to my scars
If this is hell I might as well accept it is my fate
For heroin, my heroine to meet me at that gate

She’ll save me from my troubled life and take away my sorrow
She’ll bleed me dry during my high and I’ll be gone tomorrow
And as I die I won’t ask why, I know that she knows best
For heroin, my heroine will lay me down to rest

"I wrote this poem whilst staying at a backpackers hostel in Brighton which was located next to a rehabilitation center prescribing methadone for heroin addicts. I was trying to get into the mind-set of this addictive behaviour"

© Martin James Powell 2008


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