The L.H.C

I’m blinded by her majesty, the large hadron collider
And dream in cosmic fantasy, of what goes on inside her
Particles ‘a’ whizzing round at near the speed of light
Buried deep down underground and hidden from our sight

The more I read, the more I find, the more I wish to learn
And explore the very core of what goes on at CERN
Where beams collide and atoms smash so scientists can see
What lies inside and does reside in resulting debris

They’re looking for the answers to the questions that we ask
About the nature of our universe, an overwhelming task!
Scouring ancient histories for mysteries of old
For probing so persistently is how problems are solved

What they may find is grand design and beauty to behold
And they may know just how it’s so, and how it did unfold
Make sense of singularity and how it all began
Hence bringing some clarity upon the minds of man

© Martin James Powell 2008


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