Amnesty International and The Guardian Teacher Network - Young Human Rights Reporter of the Year Awards Ceremony - Feat Martin Powell

Amnesty International's Young Human Rights Reporter of the Year reached its climax yesterday with the unveiling of the 2012 winners at a prestigious awards ceremony in London.

The presenter of the ceremony was the BBC's Ellie Crissel, who warmly invited many inspirational speakers to the stage including, Martin Powell, performance poet and activist, Emily Drabble, contributing editor of The Guardian Teacher Network, Jack Shenker, a brilliant young Guardian journalist and Pete Henshaw, editor and publisher of the secondary education newspaper SecEd.


Click HERE to watch Martin perform "Write for Human Rights" which was commissioned by Amnesty International and performed at the ceremony. 

They say "All it takes for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing." 
But what if all it took for evil to fail was for you to write something?  

Martin speaking at the event. 

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