"Martin Powell" t-shirts picked up by THTC!

Amazing news! "Martin Powell, The Missing Piece is Peace" t-shirts have officially been picked up by the award winning ethical clothing line THTC! (The Hemp Trading Company). Our first run of tees will be available soon and will be based upon my current t-shirt design below!

Competition Winners! 

Congratulations to Henna Luoma-Halkola, Lucy Karwatowska and Mash Hall!!! Your limited edition "Missing Peace" t-shirts are on the way, to everyone else thank you so much for entering. I will have brand new t-shirts availble soon through my sponsors THTC!

Ellie-May Brooks (top), Anita Petrovan (left) & Sandra Sabuta sporting their "Missing Peace" shirts 



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  2. amy atkinson22 January 2013 20:40

    Look at those customized shirts. They are as cool as those custom mugs we have at home. It made me think of making another shirt for my friends plus buy the same mugs we have at home.

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