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New poem, "Frack Off" recorded for Vivienne Westwood at Climate Revolution HQ on World Poetry Day 2014

Despite mounting opposition for its contributions towards climate change, over hyped economic benefits and links to water contamination in both the USA and in Australia - the present government, with David Cameron at it's head, has already started the process of selling off up to 60% of the UK mainland to the major oil and gas companies for the purposes of hydraulic fracturing. AKA Fracking. No public debate, no asking what we think before the beauty of our historic English countryside is potentially scarred forever - just kick-backs for local councils who decide to go along with the ride,

And a frack-friendly media, packing mouthfuls of lies served in a Bernays sauce. 

We need to demand a cleaner and greener future, based on the cutting of waste and the move to renewable energy sources - fracking is clearly not the way forward. The devastating effects of Hydraulic Fracturing in a number of countries has provided us with enough evidence to show fracking for it's true nature; 

Dirty, damaging, and downright dangerous.  

To find out more about the dangers of Fracking - or if you would like to become actively involved in the push back against it there are numerous sources (and resources) available online through Climate Revolution, Friends of the Earth, The Ecologist, Frack Off' and many other anti-fracking resistance groups and environmentally conscious publications around the globe. 

"Frack Off", which Vivienne kindly asked me to perform for Climate Revolution on World Poetry Day will be live Monday 24th March on www.climaterevolution.org.uk.

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